June 13, 2011

The great day of Girona

The Great day of Girona. Photo: Arnaugir - CC-BY-SA
The Great day of Girona, by Ramon Marti Alsina, is the largest easel painting ever made in Catalonia (496 cm × 1082 cm). Stored for years in the reserves of the MNAC, last year started a restoration project undertaken by several museums and heritage institutions. For this reason, has been chosen as a pilot collaboration project between local museums and wikipedians, on how to co-create featured articles with the help of museum professionals and curators.

How we did it

First of all, the Art Museum of Girona provided all the existing bibliography to wikipedians -catalogs, journals and historical documents- and invited them to visit the temporary exhibition that was prepared for explaining  the history of the painting, held between 23 October 2010 and 29 May 2011 in three areas of Girona. The Center for Restoration of Movable Goods of Catalonia, facilitated us some pictures of the restoration process and patrimoni.gencat, the digital heritage program of Catalan government, linked and created the network between all these institutions, promoting the necessary contacts.

For several weeks a group of Wikipedians has been preparing and working on the wikipedia article, wich recently passed an evaluation process and has been declared Featured Article, award only given to the best and more elaborated articles on Wikipedia. You can read it here in catalan, english stub here.

Closing the circle

To close the circle, Wikipedians have now asked the museum and Maria Lluisa Faxedas, exhibition curator and expert in the artwork, to read and check the article and, if necessary, make the relevant amendments. Restorers will also read and check their paragraphs.

Wikipedians analyze, study and disseminate the work done by museum professionals around the world, giving value to the goals of many museums : disseminate knowledge and culture accessible to society. It is better when we do it together!!!