April 24, 2012

Why we should encourage GLAM professionals to become Wikipedians

One month ago we did a couple of Wikipedia Sessions focused for museum professionals and educators in a city near Barcelona.

For most of the attendees it was their first ever contact with Wikipedia from a professional point of view, so we spoke about the value of sharing contents, about community, about free knowledge, about millions of visits, about Google, about online museums and about loads of successful #glamwiki ongoing projects all around the world. We also focused our presentation in the value of including schools and educational projects within the wiki world. And they liked it so much that literary told us "OK, know that we are convinced, we want to know how to do it!" 

Once you convince GLAMs to go wiki, teach them how to do it!
So we decided that a deep how-to-wiki workshop was necessary, and we organized a second and bigger workshop, where almost 80 museum professionals and educators spended a whole morning (9 to 14) learning how to edit Wikipedia.


  • Wiki Skills: GLAMers improve and spread their content online while learning wiki skills
  • More newbies: We increase the global number of Wikipedians. 
  • Friendly space: These newbies start their wiki adventure in a friendly space with real people. 
  • Closing the gap : The percentage of women working in the cultural sector is very high 

How we did it:
We split the morning in 2 sessions:

First theoric, explaining wiki sintaxis and how community works, how to upload to commons....
A XIX century library was the perfect space for explaining how to go wiki
Second part was about to "be bold" we asked the museum professionals and educators to just start wiki and we offered help when they raised their hands.

2nd part of the workshop was held at the University tech room placed next to the museum
You can see more photos of the event here.


  1. As an example. Today I gave a Wikipedia Workshop to workers of CCCB Cultural center of Barcelona and ALL of the attendees where...women!